Web3 games empower players with real digital asset ownership, and content monetization strategies with less dependency on developers.
We build web3-enabled games that emphasize user generated content, community participation, and individualized utility.
We envision a future where player ownership is the default, and developer-sold assets (like skins & expansion packs) don't just evaporate when a game dies.
Our primary focus is on gameplay we believe that games are the social fabric of the metaverse, and, without true gameplay, web3 games have limited value.
We believe in aligning player utility with developer utility by distributing governance tokens fairly for player performance, and truly enabling players to own the platforms they contribute so much of their time and dedication to.
Our games are designed to preserve the integrity of eSports as a true expression of player skill, and we work to harmonize that ideal alongside empowering player asset ownership and decision-making.
We're building a more equitable world for players and developers both, where your ideas and time have real value. Join us in building the future of gaming!
Our games are currently in stealth mode, but will populate here at launch. You can learn more about our distributed blockchaingame development protocol, the SXM DAO