Web3 gaming guilds house investor assets, allocate them to players, and collect yield inside blockchain gaming ecosystems.
These organizations are the foundational communities of web3 gaming, and drive a large part of the investment and social momentum within web3 games.
These organizations are unique supporters of game economies,
bringing players, capital, and media attention to young projects
at crucial stages of adoption and development.
Enterprise-grade tech for scaling with a focus on community.

We build tech that safely enables massive guilds to delegate permissions, store assets, and empower their players to organize to reach higher potential.
Players love guilds because players can operate high-value assets without taking on personal risk. Investors love guilds because investors can deploy huge amounts of capital and capture real return without having to mess around with gaming operations themselves.

When digital assets are more "real" than "virtual," and the economies around them grow in size and complexity, reducing operational friction is imperative to scaling.
Most games and guilds require thousands of manual transactions a day, each with up to half a minute of delay. This is operationally intensive and causes substantial impact to margins.
We build gaming infrastructure enabling investors and guilds to operate and delegate game assets across games, blockchains, and thousands of players simultaneously. That means an investor can drop off cash and walk away without undue concern around operational efficiency.
Games need to focus on building compelling content.
Investors need to focus on allocating capital.
Players focus on flawless execution.